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The Circle of Women is a non-profit organization which supports the self-sufficiency of indigenous Mixteca women in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Through their connection to other women, women gain confidence and opportunities to participate more fully in the decision-making process in their families and communities.

Our Vision: We strive to realize social justice for women by supporting self-reliance, raising consciousness of individual talents and skills and enhancing cross-cultural relations.

We have three core projects:

  1. Microenterprise project with weavers
  2. Literacy program
  3. Health education project

Price Drop!

Weaving Yarn, Weaving Cultures, Weaving Lives:
A Circle of Women in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Photography by Tom Feher and text by Judith Lockhart-Radtke.
Forward by Lila Downs.

The books are here! A wonderful portrayal of the lives of the women of Miramar with whom we have worked for over eight years. The book is a way to say thank you to the women and to all of you who a have supported our programs.   

"In this book, when I see these women make dolls, learn to read and weave, it makes me smile from within. This interconnection between creation and stories, symbols and yarns makes me hopeful and happy...Listen to the story the textiles of Miramar will tell you. This book will bring you closer to their simple and natural vision of life and beauty."  Lila Downs

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Order your copy today. $30 includes shipping in the U.S. Enter "book" in the comments section.



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